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"Ignorance of Scripture is ignorance of Christ."
     - St. Jerome

This class is about the bible, the story of salvation history. Everything in Catholicism assumes we know the story. If we go to Mass and we don't know the story, it's like showing up in the middle of a movie we have never seen before and we are going to be bored out of our mind. However, if you were to show up in the middle of your favorite movie, it doesn't matter what part of the movie it is, you are going to sit down and watch it because you know the characters, you the know the plot, and you know the story. We love what we know.

The story of salvation history is the greatest story ever told. It has romance, humor, adventure, action, warfare, mystery, and an unbelievable surprise climax. It has the greatest hero that ever lived and the greatest sacrifice ever made. But the story is not over. We come to discover that every character in the bible is in there to act as a mirror and teach us something about ourselves, because we are an important part of the story. Jesus relives the story of salvation history, and we are called to relive the life of Christ. The story changes everything. 

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The Bible Timeline

Jeff Cavins, Sarah Christmyer, and Tim Gray

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Encounter: Experience God in the Everyday

A Middle School Bible Study

Mark Hart

The Teen Timeline

Mark Hart

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