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Extraordinary Mission is now in the process of creating a new book called “The Seven Deadly Dragons” which directly relates to the retreats. With that in mind, we are also creating life-sized dragons and saints as props for the retreat set, as well as a new interactive app for children.


We would like to be able to provide one copy of
“The Seven Deadly Dragons” to each family attending a Dragon Slayers retreat. This past year we reached over 2500 families in 25 retreat locations, which included over 90 churches in attendance!

If you would like to be part of building holy families, we would like to offer an opportunity to become engaged with the Dragon Slayers Project by making a financial gift to assist in covering our expenses.

Fill out the form above, or click the button to give a financial gift so Extraordinary Mission can continue to spread His word. THANK YOU!


-Dragon Slayers retreat parent testimonial.

“We attended the Dragon Slayer Retreat when our son received his 1 st Communion. It really
challenged me as a father to be a better example of living our faith and leading my family. Thank

-A mom who attended a Dragon Slayers 2nd Grade Sacramental Prep Retreat

"I attend a non-Catholic church regularly. This has been a blessing & call back. I can't tell you how hard the enemy worked to keep me from coming today and I am beyond grateful that God knew my heart needs your message more than I'll ever know. God bless you and your family for being here today to do His work and save my heart and my family with His love."

-Mother Margaret Mary, Children of Mary Sisters

"Dr. Wood is fulfilling what I believe is a mission given him by the Lord—that is to share what has brought new meaning and joy to him and his family. Things that will help bring peace and healing and joy to many others."

-Bishop Daniel Thomas, Diocese of Toledo

"Dr. John Wood offers a fresh, accessible, direct address approach to living the Catholic Faith, especially for parents and all who desire to take to heart their role in witnessing to and handing on the faith."

Dragon Slayers Retreats
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