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These are difficult times for the Catholic Church and the United States of America. There is only one solution to the problems we face... saints! Becoming a saint is a choice, and we must begin choosing the saint within each of us. The biggest crisis of our time is not economic, health care, or vocations, but is an identity crisis. We have forgotten our mission to become saints and forgotten our story as Catholics. We must rediscover that mission and hold each other accountable to accepting responsibility for that mission. Business as usual is not going to cut it. We need heroic Catholicism. We must stop talking, and start walking... stop crying, and start sweating... stop defining ourselves by our sins, and start realizing we are saints in the making! Everything we need to accomplish our mission is in the Church... but the Catholic Church is a sleeping giant. It is time we wake the sleeping giant! This book is a five step guide to choosing the saint within you. The world doesn’t need another John Paul II or Mother Teresa. The world needs you. Your ordinary life has an extraordinary purpose.


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"Ordinary Lives, Extraordinary Mission" Book

  • This product can be ordered in bulk for $2/$3 each directly through’s Parish book program! You can obtain your order in bulk by clicking here , which will take you to their checkout page. Orders of 500 or more are $2 a copy with free shipping! Orders of 6-499 books are $3 each and free shipping! A great way to evangelize your whole parish or small group.

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