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Together we are helping families develop deep roots of faith with a threefold approach.


1. INSPIRE...First we need to help parents and grandparents be inspired by an encounter with God and an understanding that the Catholic faith is "the best way to live" to find true happiness and accomplish the mission of getting to heaven and helping their children reach heaven.


2. DESIRE...After "falling in love" through inspiration, they need the desire and resources to learn more about the faith and live it....we will create, recommend, and offer resources to help fuel their desire to become disciples and saints.


3. FIRE...Fire spreads, and ultimately we want them to share what they've been given, most especially with their own children and grandchildren. We will teach them how to share the genius of the faith with ideas, tips, and resources.


Your donations help us to create and share fun, engaging, and inspiring resources, videos, and audio presentations that teach the authentic teachings of the Catholic Church, as well as distribute free resources to parents and children across the country. 

Fill out the form below, or click the button to give a financial gift so Extraordinary Mission can continue to spread His word. THANK YOU!


-A mom who attended a Dragon Slayers 2nd Grade Sacramental Prep Retreat

“My mom passed away 6 days ago and it has been very hard to keep faith in God. Everything you said today related to how I’ve been feeling. I think this is a message from God telling me where to go now from this devastating part of my life. You don’t know the impact you had on me today. Thank you, God bless.”

-A mom who attended a Dragon Slayers 2nd Grade Sacramental Prep Retreat

"I attend a non-Catholic church regularly. This has been a blessing & call back. I can't tell you how hard the enemy worked to keep me from coming today and I am beyond grateful that God knew my heart needs your message more than I'll ever know. God bless you and your family for being here today to do His work and save my heart and my family with His love."

-Mother Margaret Mary, Children of Mary Sisters

"Dr. Wood is fulfilling what I believe is a mission given him by the Lord—that is to share what has brought new meaning and joy to him and his family. Things that will help bring peace and healing and joy to many others."

-Bishop Daniel Thomas, Diocese of Toledo

"Dr. John Wood offers a fresh, accessible, direct address approach to living the Catholic Faith, especially for parents and all who desire to take to heart their role in witnessing to and handing on the faith."

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