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With over 30 illustrations and images, integrated audio learning through QR codes, and stories & narratives of Sir Rolland on his journey to defeat the 7 Deadly Dragons!


  • Book 1: The Red Dragon of Pride

    Projected Release: March 31st


  • Book 2: The Orange Dragon of Envy

    Projected Release: May 1st


  • Book 3: The Yellow Dragon of Sloth

    Projected Release: June 1st


  • Book 4: The Green Dragon of Greed

    Projected Release: July 1st


  • Book 5: The Blue Dragon of Wrath

    Projected Release: August 1st


  • Book 6: The Indigo Dragon of Gluttony

    Projected Release: September 1st


  • Book 7: The Violet Dragon of Lust

    Projected Release: October 1st


Journey with young Sir Rolland in his quest to holiness!


Pre-Order Now! Starting Easter 2024, anticipate receiving the Seven Deadly Dragon Book Series, with one book arriving at your doorstep each month! (For international order requests, please contact
  • **Pre-orders for the whole series are available now until the book one release on Easter Sunday!

    Limited spots are available so act swiftly! If you pre-order, you will be invited to an exclusive online live read-aloud of the first book held during the lenten season!**

    You are automatically registered for our Training Guild, which is one email each Saturday with links to our podcasts, resources, and updates on the livestream and book release. **You may unsubscribe at any time.**

  • Shipment and handling costs include all book shipments through the final book.

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