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Below are our suggestions of how to use the podcast "Saturdays with Sir Rolland" and the Dragon Slayers Manual to teach in the classroom! 


In previous episodes of Saturdays with Sir Rolland we discussed the 10 Commandments, and those episodes include all the questions in the Dragon Slayers Examination of Conscience and all the dragons we discussed at the retreat. It would be great to have the catechists listen to an episode with the kids during each class, perhaps as they discuss the 10 Commandments or learn how to do an examination of conscience.)

Note: We suggest encouraging the families to subscribe to the Catholic Sprouts podcast, there is great info on there every day, not just Saturdays with Sir Rolland.  We do this at the retreat, but your encouragement and reminders help!!

Introduction: 10 Commandments

1st Commandment: Braggen

2nd Commandment: Stinkmouth

3rd Commandment: Frantix

4th Commandment: Slackbottom

5th Commandment: Malefactor

6th Commandment: Golgath

7th Commandment: Youserpin

8th Commandment: Bilgewater

9th/10th Commandments: Avarus


We sent you a free copy of the Dragon Slayers manual. The dragons in this year's retreat come from that manual, so it is good to keep it in the classroom. I suggest listening to an episode (listed above), and then showing them the picture of the dragon in the manual and discussing it and have them color the coloring picture of the dragon. 

Click the links below to view & download:

Braggen Coloring Page

Stinkmouth Coloring Page

Frantix Coloring Page

Slackbottom Coloring Page

Malefactor Coloring Page

Golgath Coloring Page

Youserpin Coloring Page

Bilgewater Coloring Page

Avarus Coloring Page


The Dragon Slayers Examination of Conscience is in the retreat manual, but we have linked it below in case you want to make copies. Use it in the classroom as you do number 1 and 2 above.


Please encourage all the families to just subscribe to our Dragon Slayers Training Guild by sending them to:

They receive an email every Saturday with a free resource, coloring page, etc and it has a direct link to that day's episode. We also draw a name from our Guild for a free Dragon Slayers t-shirt every week. 

Please subscribe yourself so you can see what the families are getting and can encourage them to use the resources! 

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