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The Same Son

The same sun that shines on us now, that gives us warmth, that adorns the sky, is the same sun from the beginning of time: the same sun that lit up Eden and warmed Adam and Eve, and that shone from the sky on Noah after forty days and forty nights of rain. It is the same sun that accompanied Abraham on his journey of faith and gleamed on the knife meant to sacrifice Isaac, the same sun that rose after Jacob wrestled all night, and the same sun that decorated the meeting of forgiveness between Joseph and his brothers. It is the same sun that shepherded Moses as he shepherded flocks in the desert, that stood still in the sky as Joshua and the army of Israel won victory, that circled through days as Israel circled through judges. It is the same sun that smiled down on David, witnessed the prophets, followed Judah into exile, lit their return, and saw the Maccabees.

It is the same sun that watched the Son of Mary play. Watched Him work wood and miracles. Watched Him teach.

Watched as He was betrayed, scourged, and crucified…the same sun that darkened with His death and hid as He was hidden in the tomb.

The sun that rose again with the Son of God on Easter morning is the same sun that rises every morning of our lives.

The same Son shines on us now, gives us the warmth of His love now, and gilds our lives with His grace now. The stories are true. I believe in the Son like I believe in the sun—even when it seems like neither is shining.

© Isabelle Wood 2024


Oh my goodness, so perfect. ❤️‍🔥🕊✝️📿🙏


Beautiful reflection of what,where and who we are.

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